A Limited Edition Pop Up Book featuring the artwork of Jim Mahfood

The Book

Pop Up Funk is a super duper special limited edition popup art book of Jim Mahfood’s artwork converted into popup by Rosston Meyer. Ten of Jim’s most well known works have been converted into popup spreads. In addition, six completely new pages of artwork were created for the project, making Pop Up Funk a truly unique custom art piece.

Pop Up Pages

  1. Funky Beats, Sir? – The original artwork was used
  2. Summer Glo from D.I.S.C.O. Destroyer– New D.I.S.C.O. Destroyer title added
  3. Cupid’s Death– Entire background floor page is new art, ‘Cuddles McDaniels and Junior Missile Eyes destroy the Seven Seas
  4. Carl, the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches– New art added including Carl’s Sword, Yuki’s Butt/Shoulder, and more
  5. I Heart Girls x Shay Maria x Food One– New background image added
  6. Ask For Janice/Paul’s Boutique– Background panels from the ‘Ask for Janice’ comic added to page floor, new wires and hands drawn
  7. Everybody Loves Tank Girl –  Images from Jim’s Tank Girl Sketchbook added to background
  8. Pop Life– New artwork added to left and right background pages
  9. Pervert Train– New art added to Jim, by Jim. Woah.
  10. Thrilling– Hair, hands and new grass was drawn and new art was added to the floor of the page


  • Pop Up Funk is made with: Carolina 12pt,  PVA Glue, Davey Binder’s Board, Photoshop, Illustrator, a Sizzix eClips + a Epson Stylus Pro 4800
  • Featuring the Colors of: Justin Stewart, Steven Chunn, Anne Masse + Jim Mahfood
  • Photography by: Cherie Roberts + Akiro Photo
  • Modeling by: Shay Maria + Kat G.
  • Design & Paper Engineering by: Rosston Meyer & Marc Meyer
  • Special Thanks to: Justin Stewart for the amazing colors on the front and back covers, David A. Carter for his pop up expertise and advice, Timmy Fine for prototyping, John Conway for book photography

Fun Facts

  • Each book takes exactly 100 pieces of paper to make
  • The page with the least popup pieces is Cupid’s Death with only 1 piece
  • The page with the most popup pieces is the Beastie Boys page with 25 pieces
  • Each page is printed, machine cut, and assembled entirely in South Florida
  • 6 of the 10 pages in Pop Up Funk have new artwork added to them
  • The book has 6 pages of all new art: Front and Back Covers and both double page inner spreads (front and back)