A Limited Edition Pop Up Book featuring the artwork of Jim Mahfood

The Artwork of Pop Up Funk

Original Art

Pop Up Funk features some of Jim’s most well known artwork, from comic book covers like ‘Everybody Loves Tank Girl’, ‘Ask for Janice’ and ‘Carl, the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches’, to mixed media work such as Pop Life and Cupid’s Death. Some of the artwork could be deconstructed into popup easily, while others need new art and creativity to work as a popup page. Here are the ten original images that were transformed into popups for Pop Up Funk:

New Art

Jim created new art for six of the ten popup pages in Pop Up Funk, ranging from redrawing parts of Carl to adding entirely new artwork as the backgrounds of well known work such as Pop Life and Cupid’s Death. In addition to the popups themselves, six pages of entirely new artwork was created for Pop Up Funk: the front and back covers, and the inner front and back double spreads, all exclusive to Pop Up Funk!