A Limited Edition Pop Up Book featuring the artwork of Jim Mahfood


Pop Up Funk is a super special collaboration between Jim Mahfood and Rosston Meyer, the same dudes that brought you JimMahfood.com. The journey began when Jim and Rosston were summoned to deliver a popup of truly epic proportions. For months and months, paper was cut and lines were drawn. And finally Pop Up Funk is ready for you, the people. But for real, you’ll have to buy the book to learn the full story!

Jim Mahfood

Jim is the Style Master General of Visual Funk©, his art has taken over the cosmos. Jim is currently working on T-shirt designs for the new NIKE FLEX street wear line and tackling art duties on the new MIAMI VICE: REMIX comic book.

Check out JimMahfood.com for more

Rosston Meyer

Rosston is a designer whose love of art + pop culture has brought him to the curious world of handmade popup books. He is currently working on self publishing more art pop up book projects through Poposition Press.

Check out Poposition.com for more